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If we were to find a short line to best describe the image of the last three centuries – 18th, 19th and 20 – this phrase would be „the protocol of Christ vs Europe dispute”. because in the last 300 years nothing happend in Europe that coudn’t be linked with Jessus Christ. In this argue between Christ and Europe Jessus tells Europe that she’s baptized in His name and must remain faithfull to him and His Church. At this advice, Europe responds:

– All religions are equal. The french enciclopedists told us so. And no one can be forced to belive one thing or another. Europe allows all the religions as folk superstitions, but doesn’t follow neither. When it will achieve its political purposes, then it will soon end this nonsense.

Christ asks with pain:

– How can you, people, live only for your imperialist and materialist interests, which means only to live for your animalic desires, such as food. I wanted to make gods out of you, and you run and choose to be inslaved like animals.

Europe responds:

– Your old-stuff. In stead of your Gospel we have found zoology and biology. Now we know we aren’t your followers or of your Heavenly Father, but of the monkey and the gorillas. We now strive to became gods as we only know no god but ourselfs.

Jessus speaks:

– You’re way to stuborn than the old jews. I’ve raised you from the barbaric darkness, like the blind man from the dirt. I spilled my blood for you. I’ve showned you my love, when all the angels turn their backs because of your stinking hellish smell. Back then, when you were in darkness and stinkth, I was the only one who stood cleaning you up and enlighting you. So, don’t be unfaithfull now, because if you do, you will return to that hard to stand darkness and smell.

Europe smiles and shoutes:

– Get away from us. We don’t want you. We follow the roman and the greek philosophy. Want we want is freedom. We have universities. Science is our guiding star. Our motto is: freedom, equality and brotherhood. Our mind is the god of all gods. You’re an asian (oriental, nn). We deny you. You’re just a fairy tale of our old grandfathers.

At this, Christ, with tears in his eyes says:

– Fine, I’ll be leaving, but you’ll see. You left the path of God and went the path of Satan. The blessing and the hapyness has been taken from you. In My hand it’s your life and your death because I gaved myself up for you, died for you. With all this, I won’t punnish you, but your sins and your fall from Me, your Savior, will (punish you). I have shown my Father’s love for all men, and wanted to save all of you, through love.

And Europe replies:

– Which love? Pure and menly hate against all of those who don’t agree with us, this is our plan. Your love is just a fairy tale, and instead of it, we have lifted the flag of nationalism, evolutionism and progress; and of science and culture. In this lays our salvation! And you, go away!

My brothers, says Saint Nikolai Velimirovici, in our times, this argue is over. Christ has left Europe, like in the Holy Scripture from the land of the gadariens, at their wish for Him to leave. But as soon as He left, it camed the war, the fear, the ruin and the destruction. The barbarism before the christienism, of the huns, longobards and africans has returned to Europe, only now, a 100 times more scarying. Jessus has taken His blessing and went far away. In his place, darkness and stinkth…


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